This is how you get rid of a jet lag

Exhausting! That’s exactly what it is. The terrible jet lag. It’s all in the game when you love to travel. Having no clue if it is day or night and hardly being able to function during the first days of your holiday. It all comes with having a jet lag. But now let’s get into what we really want to know. This is how you get rid of a jet lag.

how to avoid jetlag

Get rid of a jet lag

#1. A good night’s sleep
A good start is half the battle. Make sure you have a good night’s rest when you are traveling.

#2. Make the most of it 
Try to avoid arriving at night. Arriving during the day makes it much easier to adjust. If it is nice and sunny outside it’s way simpler to stay awake. Just go out and discover your travel destination.

#3. No alcohol
Sure! We would like to start the holiday with a little party, but it’s best if you stay away from alcohol during your flight. Alcohol makes you more tired and dehydrated, especially on a plane.

#4. Check the time
Change the time on your watch during the flight into the local time of your destination. Doing this will help you slowly get used to the time difference.

#5. A stopover
We usually try to avoid it but to prevent jet lag, this can be useful. Try planning a stopover during your travels. It makes adjusting to time difference less of a shock.
#6.  Comfort over everything
Getting on with what you’ve got, is the only thing you can do in the small space you have on a plane. Try to make the journey as comfortable as possible by buying comfortable items. Try an eye mask, a neck pillow or earplugs for a comfy flight.

#7. Say what?!
The first thing you want to do after a long flight is drink loads of coffee. Sadly that won’t help you with your jet lag. Caffeine doesn’t work well when you want to sleep. 

#8. No matter what
Last, but certainly not least. It doesn’t matter how tired you are. Don’t go to sleep when you are not supposed to. Try to stay awake during the hours it’s considered normal and go to sleep at a decent hour.

What do you do to avoid a jet lag?

Source image: Nils Nedel on Unsplash

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