Review: Generator Hostel London

Traveling on a budget? No problem. You just have to know how. Sleeping in hostels is certainly one of the tricks. Not only it’s much cheaper than a hotel, you also meet other travelers. This time I tested the Generator Hostel London.

review Generator Hostel London

Review Generator Hostel London

London is one of my favorite cities, the only drawback: it is pretty pricey. For a hotel stay you quickly pay a hundred pounds. That can be cheaper. So during my last trip to London, I slept in a hostel: Generator Hostel London.

Generator Hostel

I already knew the Generator concept, because they also have a hostel, near my house in Amsterdam . The friend I went to London with, slept earlier in the Generator Hostel in Paris , so the choice for the hostel in London was made quickly. We decided not to read reviews of hostels for hours, but just to book the Generator. We opted for two nights in a dormitory for four women. For this, we paid €100. € 25 per person per night, but prices may vary depending on days and room type. For example, larger dorms with more roommates are a bit cheaper and you can also book a private room if you want more privacy.

Location Generator

One of the most important points when I look for accommodation for a city trip: how is the location? I often took a hotel in the middle of the center of London (in a side street of Oxford street), so the standards where high. This hostel is located in the Bloomsbury district, which I did not really know well yet. But I was positively surprised. We did not spend much time there, but it was a nice neighborhood (certainly not as crowded as the center of the city) and there were nice breakfast spots close by. The hostel is easily accessible by foot from St. Pancras train station (where you can easily get to the Thames connection from Gatwick Airport).

The hostel is not located in the shopping center of the city, but it is more favorable if you want to go to Camden Town for example. In about twenty minutes by bus you are on Oxford Street and to the neighborhood Shoreditch you are about 25 minutes on the road. Also Tate Modern is about the same distance and the London Bridge a little longer. We especially liked to go by bus, because you already see nice parts of London.

Style & atmosphere

This hostel is definitely trendy and I already knew that from the Amsterdam version where I once was (but did not stay overnight). There are large common areas that are nicely furnished, with playful elements. Plenty of nice rooms to have a drink after a day in London.

There were also many activities organized that is also nice if you are traveling alone. Sangria nights and karaoke, for example, we were especially busy in the city, but fun if you want to do something nice in the hostel in the evening. That’s a pro!

The room

So we slept in a dormitory for 4 women, but a dormitory is a big word. The room was small and contained two bunk beds and a washbasin. There was certainly room for improvement in the room. For example, we missed a light next to the bed. Not great if you want to read something, you have to go to the toilet or have something to grab and your other roommates are already sleeping and you have to use the big light.

There were also no sockets on the beds (only behind, but too far away to charge your phone from your bed). Again: not useful! After a day in London, your phone is empty and it is nice to be able to do something on your phone when it is charging. The internet, on the other hand, was very fast, that’s great!

The beds do contain large safes, handy for storing your suitcase or valuables. Do not forget to bring a lock.


The hostel is big! That means long corridors with many rooms. The road to the shared bathroom was pretty long, but despite the fact that there were only three toilets and four showers, it was all pretty clean and I never had to wait for showering or the toilet. There was regular cleaning. The sink in the room was of course very convenient.

Nice to know

You can not leave your bags for free, for a large safe you pay €9 per day. Then you know for sure that your suitcase is safe. For €4 you rent a towel. You can also have breakfast in the hostel, this costs €9. But there are alsof plenty of nice breakfast spots in the neighborhood.

Generator Hostel London


In terms of comfort in the rooms there is certainly still gain to be achieved but all in all this was a great hostel with a good price/quality ratio. The location of the Generator Hostel London is excellent, as is the atmosphere, decor and price of the rooms. I would highly recommend the hostel.

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