Why you should definitely travel alone

Traveling with your friends, lover or family is amazing. That’s why you probably never thought of traveling alone, or maybe you just think it’s a scary idea. We get it, but it’s worth it! Check out these 10 reasons why you really should travel by yourself.

# 1. You’re focused solely on your environment.

When you’re not surrounded by friends or family, you’ll pay much better attention to your environment. This will also probably be the reason why you’ll remember your solo trip better than other holidays, because now you actually focus on the place you visit instead of the people you’re visiting it with.

# 2. You’ll meet more new people.

Now that you can no longer count on the language skills of your travel buddy, or talk to your best friend during a long train ride, you’ll probably get in touch with the locals. It’s also a lot easier for them to approach someone who’s alone. This way you’ll get to know so many interesting people!

# 3. You don’t have to think of other people.

Traveling with other people means thinking of other people’s needs and what they do or don’t want to do. If you plan something which turns out to be very disappointing, you’ll probably feel very guilty. You won’t have this problem traveling by yourself. If you make a wrong decision during a solo trip, you won’t have to worry about anyone other than yourself or feel guilty of “ruining” someone else’s day. And it’s a lot easier to skip some things, which brings us to …

# 4. You can change your plans any time.

If you travel alone, you can decide any moment what you don’t or do want to do. This is a lot harder in a group, because you’ll have to take their needs into consideration too. When you’re by yourself, you’re completely in charge: whether it’s about where you’re going to eat or whether you decide to go to the other side of the city.

# 5. You decide how you spend your money.

Do you want to spend all your money on a fancy hotel? Go for it. Do you want to save your money and only visit free museums and places you’d like to see? That’s cool too. When you travel alone, you’re the only one who has something to say about how you spend your money.

# 6. You can find your own rhythm.

Now that you don’t have to take other people’s needs in consideration and do things you don’t really want to do, you create your own rhythm. Do you want to stay in a museum for hours while your best friends normally think this is super boring? Or do you want to spend an evening in your room and read a book? You do you! Following your own rhythm in your daily life is almost impossible, but not on a solo vacation.

# 7. Traveling alone might get you some self-confidence.

Think about it: you do all these things you didn’t know you were capable of. And to be honest, if you can explore a foreign country on your own, all those “big deals” (quarrels with your boyfriend, what to wear to  your friend’s birthday) seem less… big.

# 8. You have a lot more travel options.

That one nice country you’ve been wanting to visit for years, but nobody wants to join you? No problemo! When you travel alone you can visit all the nice places on your bucket list.

# 9. You learn more about who you are.

A trip all by yourself could really teach you who you really are. That sounds kinda vague, but sometimes that much me-time is exactly what you need. Questioning your study or relationship? Sometimes, a trip all by yourself can answer all your questions.

# 10. No drama.

This might be the best part of the whole list: traveling alone means no unnecessary drama. No matter how much you love your best friends, there will always be a few moments that cause tension during a vacation. If you’re traveling alone, you won’t have to face these issues. Drama free vacays? Yes, please!

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