Tulum, Mexico: why you have to go here

You can not skip a visit to Tulum during a holiday in South Mexico. Do you like a hippie village? Then you should go here.

To-do in Tulum

Is Tulum a city where there is a lot to do? Not necessarily. Still, it is highly recommended and we have been to the village twice: once for the Mayan temples you can find there and for a day at the beach and a day for shopping and the village itself. The first day was perfect. I never saw the water as blue as on the beaches of Tulum and also the Maya temples are a must (not as beautiful as the Chitzen Itza, but nice to catch when you are there anyway).

In addition, there are plenty of trendy beach bars and easy going lunch spots that you can visit, so we decided to go back to the village itself after a day of visiting temples combined with the beach. You do not necessarily have to go to Tulum for shops a whole day, there is a big street with shops along the road and here and there is are nice bars and restaurants. But it is not big.

You can easily move with a scooter, but also by occasionally grabbing a taxi you will continue the day.

How do you get to Tulum?

From Playa del Carmen, the place where most hotels and resorts are located and where we were located, you can easily get to Tulum. You walk to the center and join the queue for the vans. You get into a mini-van (only a few euros per person) that leaves every fifteen minutes and that takes you to this village in about an hour. From Cancun you take half an hour longer.

Definitely worth the effort to go to Tulum, plan a day with the scooter or go for an afternoon beach and temples.


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